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Children Visit Brennan today  

Hello baby boy!  Today you had visitors at your stone.  You had the preschoolers come and visit you from Coker church.  It was so sweet.  They love your bear and they loved your pinwheel.  Here's a couple of pictures of them visiting you and talking to you.  I know that you loved to hear them talk!  I love you little man!  I miss you bunches!!! 

Send down some kisses to us!

Love, Mommy!

I  YOU!!

The Gold Family - Brennan's Sitter and one of Mommy's Best Friends  

I thought that I would add some pictures of the Gold family.  You spent lots of time with them and also with Brenner.  I know that you loved Doris and the Gold's.  They were so good to you.  I just wanted you to see how they are doing and how they look.  They will never forget you and they will always love you.  

Check out spritey, she's so cute!!! 

Here are the Gold's:

Brenner, Doris, James, Bailey, and Braydon Gold

Here is your buddy, Brenner                                   

Here are Bailey, Spritey, and Braydon. 

Here is Mrs. Doris and Bailey Boo!

Here are the dogs that used to lick you everyday: 

Here is Fresca cooling off

Here is Tecate lounging                                    

And of course, the Queen of the house, Shasta Lynn.

They all love you baby boy!!!!

4th Annual Jon's Run & Stroll  

The family did a walk Mother's Day weekend.  We walked for Brennan's Memory in Breckenridge Park on May 13th, 2006.  We walked a 5K and it was such a beautiful morning.  Even Dr. Marburger his peditrician walked with us.  She was just wonderful for walking with us.  We miss Brennan so much and this walk was such a great release for us.   

Here's a picture of me missing you so VERY MUCH!!!!!!!        

Here's mommy running in your honor!

Tattoo's in honor of Brennan  
Brennan - 
Mommy and Daddy got Tattoo's in your honor.  It was very painful.  Your daddy said that he wanted his outsides to feel like his insides.  We miss you so much sweet boy!  You were born into such a wonderful family that misses you dearly!  With all of our love, 
Mommy & Daddy

These are your actual feet from the hospital when you passed.  The one on mommy is the celtic cross that's on your headstone vase.  It's so beautiful!
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